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The BLUE colour indicates the outer side of the mask. 

The inside of the mask is WHITE

Make sure you always wear it the correct way, otherwise the mask will not be effective.

The earloop must be worn reverse (see drawing).

Always make sure that the mask covers the nose, the mouth and the chin fully. This way you are reducing the risk of infection from droplets.

Hang the face mask with its loops over the ears.


Adjust the clip on your nose to be comfortable and tight enough.

To do this, press the part of the face mask tightly which is close to the nose.


Our Medical Face Mask has elastic ear loops and flexible edges, designed in a way to perfectly stick to the surface of the skin, without crumpling up at the folds. This ensures full coverage of protection over the face, and filtered airflow.


Rontec Medical Face Mask

Regular surgical face masks lack in this kind of feature, which means that droplets can get under the mask, potentially increasing the risk of infection. The surgical mask opens up at the chin, and does not enclose it well: this gap there means the bacteria can enter through the airflow from the sides and underneath.

Regular Surgical Mask

As the medical face mask firmly sticks to the surface of the skin, it does not allow air to pass through any edges easily.

Yet the breathing is not restricted, and the bacterial filtration efficiency is at 95%.


Rontec Medical Face Mask

In the case of regular surgical masks, the edges let the air pass through easily. In order to avoid bacteria going through, the edges must not open up on the sides, but only allow filtered air flowing through the front.


Regular Surgical Mask

If you need to adjust the mask after you have put it on, it is better to use a glove to prevent contamination through bare hands. Otherwise, the mask must be disposed of and replaced with a new one.

If the mask moved slightly, try to adjust it first using the earloops.



Once you put it on, DO NOT touch the BLUE outer layer of the mask, as it might be a contaminated surface once you have been to the public.


First, remove the earloop on the ear, then just hold the band of the mask and dispose of it responsibly into the correct waste container.

How to hold properly-01-01.png

This guide can also be downloaded here.

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